2018-02-10 歌曲歌词
【导读】Priscilla Ahn,韩美混血美女,美国独立民谣原创歌手,清澈的嗓音,出众的创作才华,以及清新脱俗的风格旋律是她的特点。与其它歌手不同,她的每一首歌曲都旋律动人,经典耐听,才女之名由是而来。歌词充满想象力和抒情性,打动人心。她的歌曲中,最广为流传

  Priscilla Ahn,韩美混血美女,美国独立民谣原创歌手,清澈的嗓音,出众的创作才华,以及清新脱俗的风格旋律是她的特点。与其它歌手不同,她的每一首歌曲都旋律动人,经典耐听,才女之名由是而来。歌词充满想象力和抒情性,打动人心。她的歌曲中,最广为流传的就是这首Dream,给人的感觉像是邻家女孩在娓娓道来自己的故事,与你分享她的梦想。一旦你静下来细细听这首歌曲,一定你也会被他的独立声音而感动。这种声音是不在乎所谓的市场,所谓的名声的,它属于一种别致的风景。因为独立,所以美。

  I was a little girl alone in my little world.

  who dreamed of a little home for me.

  I played pretend between the trees.

  and fed my houseguests bark and leaves.

  and laughed in my pretty bed of green.

  I had a dream.

  That I could fly from the highest swing.

  I had a dream.

  Long walks in the dark.

  through woods grown behind the park.

  I asked God who I'm supposed to be.

  The stars smiled down on me.

  God answered in silent reverie.

  I said a prayer and fell asleep.

  I had a dream.

  That I could fly from the highest tree.

  I had a dream.


  Now I'm old and feeling grey.

  I don't know what's left to say.

  about this life I'm willing to leave.

  I lived it full and I lived it well.

  there's many tales I've lived to tell.

  I'm ready now, I'm ready now.

  I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing.

  I had a dream.

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